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Lil Athletes Soccer

Lil Athletes Soccer was created over 10 years ago.  Our program started out as “SoccerTots”,  a franchised child development soccer program for kids ages 20 months-6 years.  Throughout the past few years, our Soccer program serves 100’s of children per year.  Our Tot Soccer program utilize a variety of fun and games to make learning soccer a wonderful experience. The curriculum follows progression and modification, which is designed to promote physical fitness, skill learning, and self-confidence in every child. Each class is 45 minutes long.  Our classes are offered 7-week sessions throughout the year.

Soccer Class Descriptions

Ages, descriptions, and info about all of our classes.

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Lil Athletes First Start Soccer (20-35 MONTHS)

This parent participation class uses a variety of props and games to engage toddlers in the sport of Soccer. Simple motor skills are addressed like
kicking, running, and jumping. Soccer specific skills are introduced in a fun way Dribbling/Headers/Punting).

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Specifically designed for the 3-year old attention span! Each class emphasizes dribbling and shooting by using equipment props. Coaches make each class fun with thematic games and activities. Each class is fun-filled with many fitness components.

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Lil Athletes Soccer-Mini's (3-4 YEARS)

Children develop dribbling, shooting, and passing techniques. Activities are geared to continue the development of their skills., while providing a fun, friendly atmosphere! Children are further introduced to fitness components such as proper footwork, agilities and calisthenics.

CUBS (3.5-4.5 YEARS)

This level coaches stress the importance of using different part of the foot to dribble (ball control) and games are catered to introducing offensive/defensive strategies. Each class focuses on various soccer techniques such as dribbling, shooting, passing. Introduction to small-sided games are played half way into session.

Athletes Soccer (4/5 YRS)

Each week a different soccer skill will be covered and coaches will guide children during game play. Children learn various soccer techniques such as: Drag Backs, dribbling w/ different parts of foot, shooting techniques and MORE!

Soccer Available Classes

Nassau & Suffolk County Locations

Fall 2 2019 7-Week Session-Oct 24th-Dec 19th

Single Sport Classes- *$175 for 7 Weeks

Multi-Sport Classes- *$179 for 7 Weeks

To view Fall 2 2019 Session schedule or to register, please click button below:

Winter 1 2020 7-Week Session-January 4th-February 27th

Single Sport Classes- *$175 for 7 Weeks

Multi-Sport Classes- *$179 for 7 Weeks

To view Winter 1 2020 Session schedule or to register, please click button below:


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