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Lil Sluggers

Our youth baseball programs, Lil Sluggers, is a licensed child development program that introduces children ages 2-7 to the game of Baseball! Lil Slugger classes develop important Baseball skills such as throwing, catching, hitting, and base running. Our youth baseball programs use the appropriate equipment and developmental games are used to teach kids the game in a fun, exciting, and positive environment!

LIL Sluggers Class Descriptions

Ages, descriptions, and info about all of our classes.

Mascots (2 years)

This parent participation class breaks down the game of baseball in a fun and dynamic way! In each class, children will learn how to throw overhand, field with two hands, improved hand-eye coordination, and making contact with baseball off the tee. Various props will be used to provide learning mixed with fun.

Minors (3 years)

Children will learn throwing techniques (more distance and accuracy), further development of fielding with two hands, hitting with more power and making solid contact. Introduction to sliding and further base recognition is covered. It’s a thoughtful mix of fun and learning at this level.

Minors/Majors (3/4 years)

Children will learn throwing, fielding, hitting, and base running techniques. Coaches will focus on children swinging through the baseball off the tee, getting children to throw harder and to specific targets. Small sided games will be played toward the end of class.

Lil Sluggers T-Ball Class (4-5 years)

This class is designed to introduce children to T-Ball bats, gloves, and helmets. Children will learn to throw for more power, hitting line drives, field the ball with proper footwork. At the end of class, a game will be played with emphasis on base recognition and fielding positions. Live pitching during game play will be introduced. Further development of baseball skills take place with emphasis on proper base running and sliding techniques, ability to catch “pop-ups” with two hands, throwing for more power (point, skip, throw method), and hitting with more power. Gameplay is introduced toward the end of class!

Lil Sluggers Throwing & Hitting Clinic (5/6 yrs)

Our Throwing & Hitting clinic gets players ready for the next step in their young baseball careers.  In this class, coaches go over how to use a glove properly to catch ground balls, pop ups etc.  Players learn to have a catch with one another with different catching techniques.

Every class we focus on hitting mechanics such as the steps before the “swing”, during and after the swing.  Players use the tee to work on proper mechanics and coaches pitch to players to get them ready to hit a live pitch.

Lil Sluggers Available Classes

Nassau & Suffolk County Locations

Winter 1 2020 7-Week Session-January 4th-February 27th

Single Sport Classes- *$175 for 7 Weeks

Multi-Sport Classes- *$179 for 7 Weeks

To view Winter 1 2020 Session schedule or to register, please click button below:

Winter 2 2020 7-Week Session-February 28th-April 24th

Single Sport Classes- *$175 for 7 Weeks

Multi-Sport Classes- *$179 for 7 Weeks

To view Winter 2 2020 Session schedule or to register, please click button below:


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