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Learn & Play the game the right way w/ Lil Athletes!

How did the Lil Athletes T-Ball/Baseball Leagues start?

To keep it simple, parents contacted us and were tired of local town Little Leagues providing a poor experience for their kids.

What can you expect w/ Lil Athletes T-Ball & Baseball Leagues?

Our T-Ball Leagues (4/5 yrs) focus on development of individual and team skills.  We split teams up in stations (Hitting/Throwing & Fielding) before we play playing our game.  Many local leagues have 10-15 children all chasing one ball.  You don’t learn this way and children become bored and discouraged.  Every session children also play 2 innings of a game, reinforcing their learned skills.  We start with using the Tee for games, however, gradually progress to Coach Pitch.

Our Baseball Leagues (5/6 yrs) focus on development of individual and team skills.  We split teams up into stations (Hitting/Throwing & Fielding) before playing the game.  We teach children about positions, and guide children as to where to throw the ball to (in game).  We play a 2 inning game to reinforce learned skills.  The game is solely Coach Pitch which further develops player’s skills.


When do our T-Ball/Baseball Leagues run?

Our Leagues run Spring/Summer/Fall seasons.  We run our leagues in the following locations:

Garden City, Commack, and Ronkonkoma

Benefits to our Developmental Leagues:

  • Professional Coaches teach children
  • Small team sizes (5-8 players per team)
  • Station training so children are kept moving and learning

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